Wicca Queen Book Images

Wicca Queen Book Images

Below you will find all the images i have used for the book plus a lot images of the model i used to act as the queen as you will see she is quite fitting of this roll these Images are for my book Wicca Queen

Barney Douglas is an internationally published professional photographer based in West Sussex, specialising in artistic / erotic nude and classical ballet.  He is a member of the Society of International Fashion and Glamour Photographers.

In 1987 he was the UK’s highest grossing fundraiser for Photo Aid, (the industry’s response to Live Aid / Band Aid).  His credits include numerous calendars, Jade International Magazine of Erotic Art, stills for “The Audience” Channel 4 TV, publicity images for Kinky Provocateur, Exposure 2000, The Scooter Warehouse and many others.


London-based Elle Black travels the world as a model, dancer and actor.  Recently she has featured on TV in Skins and Casualty, and the films Weekender and Legend of the Beast.  She also has extensive publication credits with photographers John Tisbury, James Rowbottom, Fabio Santos, Gregory Brown, John Evans and many others.


Toni Todd is a freelance stylist and make-up artist for some nine years.  She recently gained a prestigious young entrepreneur business award at the Hilton Hotel near Arundel.

Barney Douglas at BDFoto
01903 331611
(The Studio by The South Downs National Park)

The Photshop work was done first by me on some of the images But due to me not being happy with them i hired Diana

Diana Buidoso I’m 41 and I’m a self taught romanian artist

I am dedicated to the art of photomanipulation and retouching,
Im fascinated by the digital world and by all the things who are related  to digital art.
I love the gothic style and I create scenes of fantasy, fairies and beautiful creatures…

This is my art, I hope you like …
and link is: http://dienel96.deviantart.com/

i allways think a image is worth a 1000 words so here i few 1000 more words add to my Book the Wicca Queen

There will me so many more to come soon i hope you like them

English: Wicca Pool Mussel Point is in the bac...

English: Wicca Pool Mussel Point is in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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