Summer Solstice Begins

2nd Quarter Moon in Scorpio enters void (12:17pm PST) until (1:31am PST) June 21st.


Pallas sextile Uranus (1:39am PST) – adds keen intellect and sparks flashes of “wisdom, enlightenment” which inspire action initiating “change”. Patterns observed may be unusual and inconsistent in nature.


Venus parallel Jupiter (2:00am PST) – feelings of euphoria and

pleasure increase one’s appeal to larger fields, markets, and



Moon trine Venus (11:50am PST) – use charm to diffuse tensions during

times of conflict. Practice compassion and empathy to influence

feeling or to justify intuitive responses.


Moon trine Mercury (12:17pm PST) – head and heart agree with one another now, so use this harmonious synergy to open lines of communication with others.


Planets of the Solar System

Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mercury conjunct Venus (7:58pm PST) – refined mental qualities cause

the mind to be sympathetic and artistic, inspiring interest in music,

philosophy, and poetry.


Sun enters Cancer (10:04pm PST) – 4th House activities rule –

security, form, law, media, family relations, and architectural

abilities (e.g. design of systems)













So you

may be different and unique.  It’s all

right and good to be “different and unique”.

How else would others recognize and love you as they do, Aries?  Your passion wins others over time and

again.  That’s not the conflict for you




conflict lies in “likeability” and popularity.

Well, contrary to popular opinion life is not a popularity contest.  It’s based on merit of true humanitarianism

and congeniality.  Remember the

delightful film “Miss Congeniality”?

Doing your best work has nothing to do with being “popular”, but it will

make your gifts popular with others who are willing to pay and promote them

financially.  Go for the gold and set

your own bars of exactitude, you’ll be much happier.




Life can

be a reminder of being in kindergarten, it’s your first day and all the other

kids have already formed their “social groups”.

Which one will you blend in with?

Or, think of junior high school when you first noticed how different you

were developing from the other kids?  It’s

the same old ball game, Taurus.


Don’t be

afraid to play and get involved with your life!

You are in control and as such you create your own “group” by following

the beat of your own drum and being confident in the choices you make, and the

paths you create.  Yes, paths will be

created and there will be breadcrumbs, which act as “memories” leading on to a

higher level of this same path.  It is

your life calling, pick up the phone and say “hello!”




How are

your networking skills these days?  How

about sharpening them by getting out and socializing with the purpose of

building a network of new resources?

Hanging with the same old people serves NO growth.  How can that refined mind of yours be

stimulated in such a stale atmosphere?



stifle growth by withdrawing from “change” it’s a natural part of life and a

dance. So get your favorite records out and use them as the soundtrack to

meeting someone new and special who can lead you to greater heights of emotion

and euphoria.  Love is a natural high.




With the

Sun entering your sign later this evening activities ruled by the 4th

House could be taking precedence in your life now.  Family relations may no longer be on

hold.  A sibling you haven’t heard from

could reach out and extend an invitation to visit and catch up.



them up on it.  Or, your children could

want to spend more family time in group or sports activities.  Indulge them and encourage them as their

biggest cheerleader.  They’ll be so happy

to see your face supporting and spurring them on.  It will do wonders for their sense of

self-confidence, and give them a good memory to reflect on later.  Career matters could be pressing, but family

should come first, now Cancer.




When it

comes to following your intuition or instinct, about a person or matter in

question – its’ best to follow your first feeling Leo.  It never steers you wrong.  It is your natural connection to higher

wisdom and understanding.  It’s the

divine aspect of your psyche communicating with you.



allow peer pressure to inspire you to go against your first feeling.  It’s your safety seal protecting you from

negative energy.  Besides you don’t have

to explain your feelings but you do have to be true to them.  A trust is the same as a “wealth” in where

you place it can bring rewards or cause major losses of time, resources, and

whatever else you hold valuable.




You are

the proverbial flower pushing through soil into the dawn of a new day or cycle

of beatitude.  Getting over the recent

bumps in the road has helped you grow spiritually now.  You are not the person you were just a few

minutes ago.


You mind

is a sponge absorbing, refining, and purifying all you are gathering to make

you a better person.  Your efforts for

self-improvement are showing a new and higher developed intellect and

psyche.  Time to up the ante and add love

to equation.  Come on, Virgo you could

use the light of love at your door.  It’s

knocking, will you open it and answer.

It could be the light of a new dawn for you if do.





atmosphere seems to be conducive to growth and harmonious exchanges with

like-minded professionals who really back you.

This is a great predicament for you Libra.  It gives you a reason to be happy to get up

in the morning and go to work.


In love,

partnerships will be harmonious as well.

Your partner could be working in synch with you and it’s a real turn

on.  You could feel like turning up the

heat, which will make coming home a joy as well.  It’s great when life has balance of joy and

offers you options, and this is heaven to you.




Ah the

many masks people wear around you.  How

little do they know how well you see beyond them?  There could be some fronting around you

Scorpio.  You the type, people are

portraying themselves as nothing close to what and who they really are.



sensors are heat sensitive.  Where

there’s smoke there is always a well-stoked fire.  The breadcrumbs they are leaving behind

making them an easy read for you to cipher.

Now the next question is what course of action will you follow to incur

mutual enlightenment?  It’s not what you

say, but how you say it, which either opens doors or closes them.                         




A person

of influence or importance is availing their support to you now.  Take

the arm and the ride, Sagittarius.  This person only wants to help you

and they

really believe in what you are trading or bartering with now.  This is a

project they can really sink their

teeth into.



your clientele is key to boosting sales and creating sound customer relations.  In some aspect you are using these skills be

it personal or professional.  It’s warmth

of exchange and well placed trust, which benefits your bank account

considerably.  Press forward and get the

assistance as it can act as a bridge to much bigger ponds and unexplored






could be an informal ambassador when someone from a different culture or

country reaches out to form a business partnership.  Take the lead, Capricorn you could get great

usage and benefit from this person’s interaction with you.



markets only become old ones when you have opening yourself to explore and

conquer them with a can-do attitude.

Being proactive requires you to assert the ways you can prove to be an

asset to their commercial concerns.  And,

it can act a kind gesture to expand interests in untapped markets.





cooped up could bring out the caged animal complex in you.  So get out

into the air and sun.  Let it warm you up and reinvigorate your

creativity.  Taking nature walks or long

walks in between breaks or lunch periods has proven to be a great stress



It also

encourages you to move around in the physical, which is direct reflection of

the spiritual.  Movement inspires more

movement, which in turn produces expansion.

It is the flow of breathing itself as a metaphor.  Take a stroll in the park and reconnect with

the spiritual aspect of life.  It could

be the pick me up you’ve been lacking lately.





is knocking.  No, it isn’t a commercial

on television, Pisces.  It’s the real

thing this time.  Someone is interested

in your work and maybe even you, too.

See what’s to the knocking by opening the door and asking the right



Too late to shut it, their foot is already in the door

anyway. Besides it could be just what

you’ve desired but, weren’t sure how to manifest.You did, by using your mind power and

positive affirmations.Now your wish is

here, what will you do when you get to the line? Hopefully, you’ll cross over into the land of

wealth and affluence, which awaits you on the other side.




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