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Wiccan priestess preaching in temple.

Wiccan priestess preaching in temple. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A selection of jewellery used in the rituals o...

A selection of jewellery used in the rituals of Wicca. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wiccan event in the US. Own work by Ycco.

Wiccan event in the US. Own work by Ycco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here is a make your own wiccan name try it out



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WiccaQueen chapter one

God give me the power

Chapter one

WiccaQueen chapter one  here is part of the first chapter to get you interested in my book i hope the image page got you taste buds watering for more.

Far away, on the top of the highest hill in the land, surrounded by deep, green rolling valleys and woods, stood a breathtakingly beautiful woman, listening with great concentration to the words of the wind. Although the perfection of her physical form stunned many people into silence, few knew that the powers of intellect and magic within her far exceeded her external radiance. Her long blonde hair danced and played in the breeze, as she gazed upwards to the bright sky, then closed her intense green eyes, smiling. Her arms were uplifted as if in homage, and the same breeze whipped back the thin cloth of her long, purple silk gown, so that it clung to her womanly curves like a second skin. The Wicca Queen’s gentle smile broke into a radiant grin, as the sun beamed down upon her, and she gave thanks.

wicca queen

Wicca queen


Gods be praised!” she called out, her face projecting her pure delight heavenwards. She stood strong and tall, higher than any other form on the horizon, her arms stretched triumphantly high. The fluttering sleeves of her gown danced in the air, her elegant fingers reaching for the skies.


Deep within the northern hemisphere lay this unique, hilly country, absolutely unexplored and unknown to the modern world. This country was unique, in the sense that its inhabitants were a specific clan of people completely committed to the worship of Mother Earth and the god of light, a practice condemned and attacked by many. Despite the fact that the religion of Mother Earth was initially a source of persecution against this tribe, this religion appeared to be also a source of life, especially now that the world was almost at its end.



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Wicca queen, this country of paganism

A photograph of a painted Wheel of the Year fr...

A photograph of a painted Wheel of the Year from the Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sigil of Baphomet: emblem of the Church of...

The Sigil of Baphomet: emblem of the Church of Satan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charismatic and Powerful Wicca Queen

Led by the charismatic and powerful Wicca queen,

this country of paganism, witchcraftand sorcery /I cant add a lot of the book here as i wont be allowed when the book

goes to print

Stunning controversy exists today that’s spinning out of control, and we are all in too deep to see the real truths.
I’m Stephen Mark Burton dueing the day i work full time in the print trade ad have done for the last 26 years i all so run a few web sites in my free time .
This is my first book but i have done a few poems in the past.
This book of mine was a recurring dream that only stopped once I put my hand to my pen.
People who know me will say “No way! He can’t write!” Well, the truth is – no I can’t. My spelling and grammar are very poor. My skills lie in my mind and hands. I wrote four different drafts of this book and when I had finished, I hired a ghost writer to make the words flow and help it make more sense. Linda Innes did a very good job, don’t you think?

A powerfully kept secret is contained in this book and one day we sheep must stop following blindly and make a stand, head to head. We must turn the tide before all is lost.
Remember History is only written by the winner plus the only winner in a war are the money lenders that lend to both sides.

The Truth Will Set You Free

But check back ever now and then for any updats i will show more images and text over time

Symbol of Wicca.

Symbol of Wicca. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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