Wicca queen, this country of paganism

A photograph of a painted Wheel of the Year fr...

A photograph of a painted Wheel of the Year from the Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sigil of Baphomet: emblem of the Church of...

The Sigil of Baphomet: emblem of the Church of Satan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charismatic and Powerful Wicca Queen

Led by the charismatic and powerful Wicca queen,

this country of paganism, witchcraftand sorcery /I cant add a lot of the book here as i wont be allowed when the book

goes to print

Stunning controversy exists today that’s spinning out of control, and we are all in too deep to see the real truths.
I’m Stephen Mark Burton dueing the day i work full time in the print trade ad have done for the last 26 years i all so run a few web sites in my free time .
This is my first book but i have done a few poems in the past.
This book of mine was a recurring dream that only stopped once I put my hand to my pen.
People who know me will say “No way! He can’t write!” Well, the truth is – no I can’t. My spelling and grammar are very poor. My skills lie in my mind and hands. I wrote four different drafts of this book and when I had finished, I hired a ghost writer to make the words flow and help it make more sense. Linda Innes did a very good job, don’t you think?

A powerfully kept secret is contained in this book and one day we sheep must stop following blindly and make a stand, head to head. We must turn the tide before all is lost.
Remember History is only written by the winner plus the only winner in a war are the money lenders that lend to both sides.

The Truth Will Set You Free

But check back ever now and then for any updats i will show more images and text over time

Symbol of Wicca.

Symbol of Wicca. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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