My Dream of the Wicca Queen

Proof reading sign: break

Proof reading sign: break (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 My Dream of the Wicca Queen

Wicca queen what to say first a year a go i kept having the same dream over and over a little dif ever time, but the basics where the same, So i thought ill start putting on paper what i recall the next morning Due to the time i get up for work ever day i think that helped me re member a lot of my dreams wicca queen is my dream

My Dream of the Wicca Queen the pagan way

So after few months i had about 8 pages of short notes then i thought lets put this in order and try to make sense of this, Dream the wicca queen- now i am not a great writer and my spelling and grammar are poor it not that i am stupid it just i left school early to work to earn

Symbol of Wicca.

Symbol of Wicca. (Photo credit: Wikipedia

money and in my day school was not that important as it was what you could do not what you can say on paper.wicca queen

Any way as time went on i had over 30000 words or so and i thought was a good read but i know it did not flow like most books do so i went to a place where you can hire a ghost writer and god they want £1000s of pounds, to read and proof read my book well i am not a rich man and could not afford this so i found a site called people per hour and i posted what i wanted and i had lots of people want to do the proof reading for checking what i had done.


Proof reading sign: no break

Proof reading sign: no break (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But after the first failing of hiring some one i found a women called Linda And wow she was on the same page and wicca queencould come to live . As me and knew what i was talking about. I sent her my score or draft and she stared to re work my words and put in a more of a book way the best bit was we worked closely, and slowly doing each page and i would send her extra parts. To be added and as we did this the book grow and as i paid only small amounts ever now and then I could afford to pay her.


English: Photograph of a pentacle upon which i...

English: Photograph of a pentacle upon which is depicted a pentagram, the sacred symbol within the religion of Wicca. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I all so run a few web sites some do well and get some nice traffic but never make me rich or pay the bills. But you have got to try ever think to make ends meat these days. ever when i did make some small money from the Adsense for some reason some one in turkey was hitting my Adsense, a lot and google closed my account down and lost all funds, in their which was nice. i am the sort of person that try very hard to get by but never got that helping hand from god or any one i have struggled, all my live to pay bills and try to do the right think but bad luck seems to be close behind me My other self in the other dimension or my past live must have been good for this time to this har

I am also hating the way the governments run or country’s and our people suffer when it does not need to be like this at all there too many political men and women. That get paid to talk crap and do nothing  for the masses. But it a shame as the masses have the power to shut a country down  very easily – one think i love if our queen and our royals had more of a say as there care more about the country then some gets paid as money is the driving force of today when it should not be the case.


English: The sculpture of the Wiccan Horned Go...

English: The sculpture of the Wiccan Horned God at the Museum of Witchcraft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any way i hope one day prince william i hope be our next King as he a good man and a Kate looks like she would make a nice Queen


Please notice that in my book there is a lot of facts that i have learned over time and some statements that may reach your limit to what you may belive in as they say the truth is hidden in plain sight just look at the Masons /Knights Templars/Witch craft/THERE are so many more that are all related but no one will tell the truth, but we can have own thoughts. Question do you know the most power full men in history. And now are all from the same family – do you know that they control more country’s then you think do you know that the Forbes rich list does not count these people do you know that the secret meets they hold to decide where to start the next war do you know that a they help both sides in a war. As it all about money do you know the reason the world in a mess with money  is the bankers lost a lot of funds due to the Templars


Flag templars

Flag templars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


do you know the Vatican has power more than we will ever know. Live is short and  I now leave this page and leave you a note. -(( we do not care who or how you run the country as long as we control the money))  — ((the reason why your country’s  not at war as my sons do not want it so))  .I have resaerched all thinks related to our histery of solman and ever think in live to day like london city of london is not london in a city in a city and 666 means a lot – have a look here –  you will see they all in connect

Any way hope you like my book God bless us all and the Gods or the aliens or Zeus will come back to earth sooner then we think we are young and time is man made as year 2013- but that only started after Jesus so soon Jugment day may come to us all-wicca queen the pagan way

questions is there another dimension ?? is their god ?? did Jesus real talk to the muslim prophet  ?

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